Acden Helios

Acden Helios has combined traditional environmental knowledge with the latest technology. Acden incorporates Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation and Denesoline. Acden historically has focused on its “trees up to trees up” concept to essentially provide services for planning, construction, maintenance and reclamation of Alberta’s Oil Sands. Helios enable’s Acden to deliver the latest in environmental technology and services to enhance its ongoing contribution to not only the Athabasca Oil Sands but seek to deploy its technology and services across North America.

Acden Helios is an Indigenous environmental company providing a wide range of observation and technical services. Acden Helios has acquired the rights to the latest in avian detection and deterrent technology, with existing management having significant experience in deploying the technology and managing field services. The Company is staffed with both professional biologists and professional engineers to provide the complete spectrum of environmental services.

The company also has expertise for wind farm light suppression, drone detection, and geo-technical applications. Acden Helios continuously seeks equity partnerships for expanding applications of its technology.

Avian Radar Control Systems

Acden Helios can work with any type of radar system and has extensive experience in regulatory reporting from system outputs. Acden Helios specializes in applied, intelligent radar and related remote sensing technologies and systems for aviation, security and surveillance, drone defense and environmental protection.

Environmental Field Services

Environmental data gathering is becoming more important. As companies become more proactive in gathering data prior to initiating projects that may impact the environment, the proactive approach by Acden Helios can provide services that would assist in the acceleration of approvals. Acden Helios provides Indigenous environmental insight combined with the latest technology to provide the added assurance to regulatory authorities that all aspects of environmental oversight have been respected.

Acquiring detailed record of wildlife behavior can mitigate future development issues. Acden Helios has mobile units that can be operational within 30 minutes by a single operator. Depending on terrane the radar tower can be extended 15 metres. Powered by either diesel or propane the on-board fuel tank will last 20 days of 24 hr/d operation.

Drone Detection

Acden Helios can utilize many drone detection systems integrated with radar systems for implementing protective drone management measures. The Company can geofence any site location and notify operators of any activation of a medium sized drone (Raven Class) within 23 kilometres and micro UAV (DJI Class) within 10 kilometres. Detectors can be networked and sent to a smart phone device, as well as gather the identification information of the drone.

Protection of both equipment and personnel is paramount for companies, and as drone technology continues to advance, there is increased risk of potential risk to both the private company or the public (i.e. outside sporting events or concerts). We can work with regional law enforcement to geofence and intercede on public events.